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Age: 2.5 - 4 years old
CMA wants to share to the Filipino parents and students the best educational supplement for Math. However, CMA does not only improve your child’s Math’s skills, it is all about Total Brain Development plus more!
I believe CMA is the best educational foundation Filipino students need. Children with outstanding abilities can be made. I invite you to join us in our exciting journey in creating great minds and developing future leaders of our nation, one child at a time.
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Make Your Life Better and Bright! Enroll with Us!
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Make Your Life Better and Bright! Enroll with Us!
CMA Videos and Articles
  • ​CMA Student’s journey and skill featured in Little Big Shot Philippines.

  • Sam’s mental arithmetic skill with 6 Digits/ 8 Numbers addition.

  • Pepe and Heinz showing their Mental Arithmetic skills in Little Big Shot.

  • CMA Philippines Program for Brain Development.

  • How CMA Works
    CMA’s unique two-hand and four-finger methodology in abacus training helps the students achieve total brain development.
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  • Ideal Age to Learn
    At three years old, your child’s brain would have expected to grow up to 60%. Your child has the strongest absorbing power at this age.
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  • Benefits of CMA
    Math in the CMA way, child will be able to stimulate all his senses – sight, hearing, feeling, and touch – and eventually achieve total brain development.
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Find out how CMA’s extraordinary method in abacus training continues to be an avant-garde approach in teaching mental arithmetic today. Sign up your child for FREE trial class now.

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How CMA Helps You
  • A classical tool that CMA uses to turn Math into a fun and exciting game play.
  • We use an Image Abacus, a tool that utilizes the creative right brain to increase cognitive performance – including creativity.
  • CMA System enhances the brain’s memory power by training children to use their creative brain.
  • CMA method of teaching aims to develop the brain to optimize this balance and achieve brain's maximum potential.